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Didi Overman and Lida Floor

The drawing movement method is aimed at developing insight into one´s own functioning, improving the quality of life and accepting that which cannot be altered. Visual materials and movement are used to initiate internal processes. The body, emotions, thoughts and images play an important role in these processes.

DMM is a form of guided self-research, applicable both within a therapeutic setting and within the framework of coaching and process guidance, for example in the field of education, work and human relations.

Because of the universal character of the exercises, DMM can be applicable in ever-changing forms, for many target groups, both in a group setting and individually.

The method consists of twenty-nine drawing movement exercises with an endless amount of variations, each of which with its specific goal and routine. The exercises are aimed at developing awareness of the body and breath, strengthening concentration and non-judgmental self-reflection, interpersonal skills and dealing with emotions and crises. The exercises focus on the experience in the here and now.

From the domain of art therapy, we see a hiatus in what is currently offered in the fields of experience and energy-based work. With DMM, we think we can complement various forms of behavioral therapy, amongst which are Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and Mindfulness-training. In both of these methods, the here and now plays a key role. In view of these developments in methodical working within health care, we consider it useful to enable colleagues to apply the method that we have developed in the past years.

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